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Video (Performances)

Naan Pizhai Cover by Niranjan Pandian

Jingle Bells (Improvisation based) by Niranjan Pandian

Video (Performances)

Naan Pizhai Cover by Niranjan Pandian

Jingle Bells (Improvisation based) by Niranjan Pandian

Maya Nadhiye by Niranjan Pandian and his band, Brahmastra (2019)

Thaniye Thana Thaniye - Mr P.C. arranged by Niranjan Pandian performed by Brahmastra

Maaruvarthai Pesadhe by Niranjan Pandian with Brahmastra (2017)

Singapore Town with Open Score Project for Singapore Festival 2019 at Hanoi

Niravadhi Sukhada with Brahmastra (2020)

Kurrukku Chiruthavale (Unplugged Version) by Niranjan Pandian for Sarvesh Festival of Arts (2018)

We Are Singapore by Open Score Project (2018)

Niranjan Pandian's Arrangement and Performance featuring multi-ethic instrumentalists from Singapore

Shisha and Friends Performance at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre (2016)

Flute Accompaniment for Dance Arangetram - Jathiswaram (Perth, Australia)

Asai Mugham Maranthu Poche with Brahmastra for Kala Utsavam 2017

Kaatre En Vasal with Isuru and Hem Kumar (2018)

Arts @SAFRA: National Day Celebrations with Open Score Project (21st August 2021)

Kaatrinile Vaarum Geethame for Naalum Oru Geetham (2021) 

Saraswathy Namasthuthe, re-arranged by Niranjan and performed with Brahmastra (2018)

Desh for C Asean Consonant, performed with C Asean Consonant (Nanning, 2017)

Window to the North with Singapore Indian Orchestra and Choir (2021)

Composed and Performed with Brahmastra for Thinking of Bharathiyar Series - Suttrum Vizhi Chudar Thaan (2021)

National Day Performance by National Museum of Singapore with Open Score Project (2021)

Re-arranged Vetri Kodi Kattu and performed with Brahmastra for Tamil Language Festival 2021

Neeya Pesiyathu Cover song by Brahmastra, Re-arranged by Niranjan Pandian

Arts In Your Neighbourhood by Brahmastra and music composed by Niranjan Pandian

Discography (Audio and Video)

Available on:

Discography (Songs Sessioned for)

Vaazhvenum - Oru Thaervinil

Sreram Anand (2022)

Kannai Kolathey - Thiban (Malaysia) in 2022

Re-arranged and performed Neeya Pesiyethu with Brahmastra for Tamil Language Festival 2021

Arts In Your Neighbourhood 2021 with Brahmastra

Discography (Songs Sessioned for)

Edho Ennil Oorum by Dayanand Piraisudhan

(Times Music India - 2020): Sessioned the Venu

Thiranaa by Deyo: Sessioned the Venu, Bansuri and the Konnokol (2019)

When I Think Of Home by Sulwyn Kok: Sessioned the Bansuri and Venu (2020)

Sitharuguthey by Abrahaam Nithya Pandian: Sessioned the Venu (2020)

Uyire - Unna Adanjen by Vicknesh Saravanan: Sessioned the Western Flute and the Venu (2021)

Pogathey Anbe by SK Pillai: Sessioned the Bansuri (2018)

Ennamale Vandhen Annamalai by Dayanand Piraisudhan: Sessioned the Venu and Bansuri

Kannavukkule Varathey by Pavethran:

Sessioned the Bansuri and Venu

Ore Kural by Pavethren (2020): Sessioned the Bansuri and Venu

Music Video by C Asean Consonant for ASEAN Secretariat: Sessioned the Venu and Bansuri (2020)

Azhal in 2017 by Rubesh Radhakrishnan (Sessioned the Flute)

Minnal Velichathil by SK Pillai: Sessioned the Venu (2020)

Kadhal Kanave 2019 by Logaraj Sundaram (Sessioned the Flute)

Porapokkule by SK and Deena (2021): Sessioned the Flute

Nilkavani (2021) by Rubesh Radhakrishnan: Sessioned the Flute

Mayanjali (2016) by Ambar Gosh: Sessioned the Bansuri

Singari by Rubesh Radhakrishan (2021): Sessioned the Venu and Bansuri

Mangalyam by Rubesh Radhakrishnan (2019): Sessioned for the Venu / Bansuri

Gallery (Images)

Venu Nadam: Resonance of the Bamboo Flute (2016)

C Asean Debut Concert 2016 (Thailand)

Bakshi Arts International Festival 2019

8th International Festival of Arts and Culture (Phetchaburi University) 2019

Open Score Project Concerts (2017 - Present)

Thailand Countdown 2016 Performance

Tamil Language Festival 2021 (Brahmastra)

Singapore Heritage Festival 2019 (Hanoi)

C ASEAN Consonant Concerts (2016 - Present)

Brahmastra (2016 - Present)

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