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Niranjan Pandian, an accomplished Singaporean-born flautist, possesses a remarkable expertise in Indian bamboo flutes, exploring a myriad of captivating bamboo instruments like the Klui, Suling, and Dizi from around the world. His artistic prowess extends beyond his virtuosity on the flute as he is also an esteemed music director and a recipient of multiple international awards for his exceptional compositions. As the creative producer of Brahmastra, a distinguished arts and production house, Niranjan curates and presents extraordinary arts, music, language, and cultural productions that are renowned for their unwavering quality. Driven by a profound passion for cross-cultural collaborations and an inclination for multi-disciplinary projects, he has firmly established himself as a prominent figure in the creative industry. Niranjan's innovative approach and unmatched talent continue to captivate audiences, creating enchanting experiences that transcend conventional boundaries.


As a recipient of the Arts Scholarship from the National Arts Council (Singapore), Niranjan's musical journey has been marked by remarkable achievements. He graduated with a BA (Hons) in Music from the LASALLE College of the Arts in 2022. His initial training under Dr Ghanavenothan Retnam at the Nrityalaya Aesthetics Society laid a strong foundation, and he continues to receive mentorship from world-renowned artists such as Grammy nominee Maestro Shashank Subramaniam, Pundit Deepak Ram and Vidwan Amith Nadig. Recognized as one of the esteemed profiles in the "Successful People of Singapore" by Britishpedia in 2022, Niranjan's artistic merit also earned him the "Mandolin U.Shrinivas International Award" in the same year.


Niranjan's captivating performances have carried him on a melodic odyssey around the globe, intertwining his artistry with esteemed artists and ensembles. He has performed in numerous prestigious venues and festivals such as Thailand Official Countdown 2016, Shanghai Spring International Music Festival 2017 to momentous occasions like the 50th Anniversary Celebration of ASEAN Concert and the Inauguration of the NEW Asean Secretariat Building, Niranjan's flute emanates a resounding harmony that traverses geographical borders. Niranjan has performed as an ensemble musician for numerous bands and ensembles such as C Asean Consonant (Thailand), Open Score Project (Singapore), Nanyang Collective (Singapore) and Singapore Indian Orchestra and Choir and as featured instrumentalists for ensembles such as Skunk Jive, Flame of the Forest, Straits Ensemble and soloist for Ding Yi Ensemble, Dicappella Dizi Ensemble, Asian Cultural Symphonic Orchestra and Singapore Symphonic Orchestra. 


With over 400 recorded tracks and 40 composed tracks in the past three years, Niranjan's versatility shines through in his work as a composer. His compositions, such as "Thadai Edhuvai," "Ennai Izhandhen," "Suttum Vizhi," and "Enadhu Tamizhe," have garnered international accolades and recognition, including awards from the New York International Film Festival and the Tamilzhagam International Film Festival. In addition to his musical pursuits, Niranjan actively directs music for various productions and performances. His leadership and vision have contributed to the success of ensembles like Brahmastra, The Vamshika Quintet, and The NP Collective. Niranjan has also been involved as a music consultant for local production houses, including projects such as "Raagangal Palavitham Season 2", "Chingay 2023" and "Chingay 2024".


Driven by a deep connection to his community, Niranjan embraces a multi-disciplinary approach to his creative endeavors. Through productions like "7 Wonders of Punggol," "Kuralum Kuralum," “Tamizhe” and “My Identity Series”, he bridges the arts, music, and language, leaving a lasting impact on the community. Niranjan's commitment to promoting cultural exchange and youth empowerment is evident in his participation in panel discussions, panel presentation and lecture sessions at prestigious institutions like LASALLE College of the Arts, Yong Siew Toh Conservatory, School of The Arts and the Ministry of Education, and his role as an instructor in arts and cultural enrichment programs.


With every performance, production, and composition, Niranjan continues to inspire and connect with audiences, advocating the importance of seeking identity through the arts. For him, it's all about the profound unity of music, life, and the human soul.

Awards & aCCOLADES

Certificate of Distinction, National Indian Music Competition 2011, awarded by the National Arts Council (Singapore)

Certificate of Distinction (Winner), National Indian Music Competition 2017, awarded by the National Arts Council (Singapore)

Winner of Open Category, Papanasam Music Competition 2017, presented by Sivan Fine Arts (India)

Certificate of Representation: Singapore, C Asean Consonant (Thailand) 2015, and ThaiBev (Thailand)

Selected as a representative of Singapore for SEADOM 30 under 30 Project, South East Asian Directors of Music (2019)

National Arts Council's Arts Scholarship recipient in 2019, awarded by the National Arts Council (Singapore)

Capability Development Grant by the National Arts Council (Singapore) for Masterclass with Pundit Deepak Ram (2021)

Mandolin U. Shrinivas International Award 2022, bestowed by the Shrinvas Institute of World Musique (SIOWM)

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