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"Singapore flautist goes regional" 

20th October 2023, Tabla (Singapore)

"Indian classical flautist Niranjan Pandian connects souls through music." 

7th August 2021, Straits Times (Singapore)

"The show will present five original pieces composed by award-winning musician Niranjan Pandian." 

24th November 2022, Straits Times (Singapore)

"....the sheer aural beauty of Niranjan Pandian’s bansuri (Indian flute) partnered with Brian Lim’s suling (Balinese flute)."

12th February 2023, Straits Times (Singapore)

"Musician, director, composer, producer: Flautist Niranjan Pandian is a breath of fresh air to Asia’s music scene." 

16th June 2023, Catch SG (Singapore)

"A band led by Niranjan Pandian from Singapore performs music connecting ASEAN cultures." 

9th September 2023, Thai PBS (Thailand)

"ASIAN CONSONANT Program - Harmony and exchange of cultural arts of Asian countries...Niranjan is from Singapore."

16th October 2023, Viet Duc (Vietnam)

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